Dr. Marina Klein,

The Chronic Viral Illness Service (CVIS) research team is dedicated to advancing patient-centred, multidisciplinary research for people living with chronic viral infections such as HIV, hepatitis C virus and human papilloma viruses. Our investigators lead world class research programs in Epidemiology, Public Health, Clinical Trials and Discovery Science. The CVIS Research teams aims to advance knowledge through translational research and to train the next generation of clinician scientists.

Our team of dedicated physicians, nurses and coordinators is involved in more than 45 research studies including clinical trials.

Investigator-driven studies:

Half of the active studies are developed and driven by our physicians to contribute to our knowledge regarding the prevention and care of chronic viral illnesses. These studies focus on several axes including biomedical, clinical, health services and population health. These studies are funded either by public research institutions (CIHR, FRQS, CANFAR ...) or the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, a large numbers of our HIV clinical trials are supported by the CIHR Candadian HIV Trials Network (CTN:

Pharmaceutical studies:

Our team is also involved in pharmaceutical clinical trials, which are developed to find a better treatment for HIV or HCV patients.

Healthcare providers who have patients who may benefit from participation in one of our clinical trials or study can contact Natacha Cotta-Grand.

Natacha Cotta-Grand:

Current studies:

Links to some of our current studies:

Immunity and Global Health Program (IDIGH)

Much of the CVIS research is done with the Infectious Diseases, Immunity and Global Health Program (IDIGH) of the Research Institute of the MUHC (RI-MUHC). For more information go to